Ruya Property Maintenance

Making a difference in the Property maintenance Industry

Office Maintenance Services

When it comes to Office cleaning, make sure that all the garbage is disposed off properly. Separating Gargabe and recycle must be kept in mind. Cleaning Offices requires that you find a company you trust. Ruya is here to solve all your office maintenace problems

Commercial Building Maintenance Services

Commercial Buildings just like Condominiums require alot of maintenance to ensure that proper hygience is promoted. Keeping all the ammenities and common areas clean is paramount. Try Ruya today and we will help you get the results you desire

Move in & Out Maintenance Services

Move-out Cleaning can be sometimes challenging because many residents can leave old furniture and materials behind. Finding a dedicated and trusted team can make a very big difference.  Ruya Property Maintenance is here to give you peace of mind

Post Construction/ Renovation Services

Post construction requires a great team and an awesome company. Keeping all safety procedures in mind must be put into consideration to ensure that no workers are injured and no property is demaged. Ruya is here to ensure that all your worries are ressolved. 

Restaurant Maintenance Services

Restaurants can be dynamic in approach in the sense that some are small and others are complex. Cleaning all the hard to reach areas requires a company that provides the right training for its employees. Restaurants that are cleaned well keep customers sitting and spending money.

Condo Maintenance Services

Condominiums have alot of traffic especially in hallways. It is imperative to note that cleaning the most visited areas helps residents build trust and confidence with their area of residence. Staying on top of your game as a company helps residents stay longer than they would have stayed. 

“There is absolutely no reason why a good job cannot be done”


This is my third time to Hire Ruya Property maintenance and it is awesome. The simplicity & friendly atmosphere of the workers is great. I am going to call you again for this coming contract. Peace and love

Becky Tey

“Thank you for cleaning my Restaurant. The old tenants were very dirty.  i didn’t think for one minute that this restaurant was going to be clean again but you surprised me

John A Edwards

I contracted Ruya to clean up my building but i have never been disappointed. Sometimes Cleaning companies never go an extra mile but this is different. i have peace of mind working with you  

Annie F

I discovered Ruya through a friend, he told me that they were cleaning his offices and he seemed very comfortable with them so i decided to call them and setup an appointment. I was glad i did it

MD Johnson

Cleaning companies that love their jobs make it easier for us to do business with them. When the evening guy arrives, he always makes sure everyplace is spotless and ready for office time

Maureen M

After struggling with cleaning companies for a very long time, i finally found Ruya Property Maintenance who gave me peace of mind. it was a no-brainer. I just tried them for a month untill now   

Trevor Bernard